iPhone Problems

10 common iPhone problems with their solution

iPhone users face various types of problems when they update or transfer data from old to new phones. They face problems in case of the launch of any new app on the device.

There are various reasons for the iPhone problems from software and hardware which are related to some bug in iOS which needs to be fixed.

Let us understand what these problems are which will help you in finding the exact solution to your problem.

10 common iPhone problems with their solution

1. iPhone white screen of death
Jailbreak on hardware problems along with an upgrade can lead to the problem of iPhone white screen of death. In such a case you can restart the device.

If even this fails to resolve the issue, you should factory reset your iPhone. If this also does not work, try to boot your phone in device firmware upgrade mode. You should remember that booting in device firmware upgrade mode will clear all the settings and data on iPhone.

This should be remembered by you if you face a situation where your iPhone gets stuck on the white screen and you do not have iTunes or iCloud backup, you should try to recover the data through stellar recovery for iPhone. Next, you should fix the iPhone’s white screen with the dfu mode or factory reset.

2. Losing the data of iPhone after jailbreak or upgrade
Updating to a new version or jailbreaking iPhone can sometimes make you lose iPhone photos, contacts, videos, and messages. If such a situation arises, iTunes and iCloud backup come to the rescue.

If you want to recover a certain type of data like only videos, then stellar data recovery for iPhone is the best software you can use and you can recover selectively the iPhone data rather than doing the entire restoration through iTunes.

3. iPhone damaged because of water
If a glass of water falls accidentally on your iPhone or if your iPhone gets dropped in the swimming pool remember that it may cause great damage to your iPhone as it may or may not turn on.

You can even lose your iPhone data and Apple does not cover the damages which are caused due to any liquid in its one-year warranty. So, what you can do is you can dry your phone by rubbing it on with a towel and then remove the SIM card.

You should not turn your phone on, and you should avoid plugging it. You can also keep it with the silica gel sachet for about two days to dry.

4. Battery life problems of iPhone
The battery of the iPhone drains fast and that is one of the most common problems which is faced by the users of iPhones across the globe. The battery life problems are generally encountered after an upgrade.

This can be tackled through factory reset or through controlling the usage of apps that consume high battery such as google maps, YouTube, and uber.

5. The problem of black screen
Spilling water on your iPhone or dropping your iPhone, jailbreaking, or updating an app could be the cause for the problem of a black screen of your iPhone.

To fix this issue, you should first charge your iPhone completely to rule out any battery issue that arises. You can also reset your phone if the problem persists.

6. The problem of overheating your iPhone
Complaints of the iPhone getting overheated are not new. If this problem arises then you should first take your device away to an environment from direct sunlight.

Remove the case and then stop using it for some time. You can also try the “reset all settings” on your device to fix the problem of overheating.

7. Camera roll crash of iPhone
The problem of a camera roll crash can lead to the loss of hundreds of photos on your device. If this problem arises, you are not able to perform any activity on the existing videos or photos on the device.

The only way to fix this issue is to restore the iPhone to the factory settings. Also, ensure a backup before fixing this issue.

8. Sometimes the iPhone X screen becomes unresponsive in case of a cold weather
This issue has been reported by some of the cold countries. Apple has already announced that it will launch a software update to fix this issue. Till then you can try restarting your iPhone to help to resolve the issue.

9. The face ID of the device is not working
Sometimes the face ID feature in the device does not work. In such a case, rebooting the iPhone or simply turning it off or on can make the face ID functional. If these also do not work, try to reset the face ID under the settings

10. iPhone speaker not working properly
If you do not hear sound from your device, you should see that the Bluetooth is turned off and the volume button is all up. If still, you cannot hear anything, or if you hear distorted sound, you can open any app that has music and then set the volume with the volume button. You can restart the device as restarting your device helps to resolve many phone issues.

Sometimes even the proximity sensor may stop working
If your proximity sensor is not working, it might cause a problem with the touch screen. It might be caused because of a manufacturing defect, or it can be a software defect. The problem can also occur if you have replaced the screen of your iPhone.

You can reboot or perform a factory reset to fix this problem. You can restore your device with iTunes in fun mode to fix this problem. Remember to take a backup at iTunes or iCloud before performing the task.

I hope, this compilation of the most common problems of the iPhone along with the solution was helpful for you. Read our blogs for more such information. You can always contact us to fix your device problems.

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