iPhone 7 Screen Price 

iPhone 7 Screen Replacement

Punit Telecom Offers Two type of iPhone 7 Screens, the Compatible and the OEM Quality Screen. The Compatible screen price is 1900Rs and comes with a Testing Warranty. Conversely, the OEM Quality screen price is 3600Rs and includes a 6-month warranty.

iPhone 7 ScreenPriceWarranty
Compatible (Next to OEM)1900/-Testing Warranty
OEM Quality3600/-6 Months Warranty

Our Price are Competitive. We Provide the best and Lowest iPhone 7 screen repair cost in India.

iPhone Experts

Punit Telecom iPhone Repair in Noida has skilled technicians who can proficiently fix the all iPhone issues, such as shattered screens and broken glass (if touch function is intact), at a reasonable cost. Our iPhone experts prioritize speedy service and are open to walk-ins, pickups, and deliveries, and same-day repairs, whenever feasible.

iPhone 7 Screen Replacement Process:

We offer free doorstep service for our services to any location in Noida and Delhi within a 15-kilometer radius of our store. If you prefer to visit our iPhone service store in person, we guarantee a maximum replacement time of 30 minutes. You can find our store at Shop No.3, 1st Floor B-Block Market City Plaza Shopping Complex, Sector 62, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201309

A Practical Guide of step-by-step process on How We Replace the Your iPhone 7 Screen.

  1. We Turn off your iPhone 7.
  2. Using a TS1 screwdriver, We remove the two pentalobe screws located at the bottom of your iPhone.
  3. We Position a suction cup directly above the Home button on the display, and gently attempt to detach it from the rear casing.
  4. If needed, We utilize a wedging tool to cautiously break the adhesive seal and separate the display from the rear casing.
  5. Then, We Open the iPhone 7 as similar to opening a book.
  6. After that, We Take out the display plate by removing the four tri-point screws.
  7. Next, Using tweezers, We gently lift the display plate to detach it from the device.
  8. employ your wedging or spudger tool to detach the three LCD connecting cable strips.
  9. We Remove the two additional tri-point screws located at the upper right-hand corner that secure your proximity sensor.
  10. We Take off the plate covering the proximity sensor to expose one more cable strip that, once disconnected, will separate the front display from the back of the phone.
  11. We Eliminate the three Head screws from the bracket located behind the ear speaker at the top of the display side.
  12. The bracket will move aside, exposing the camera of the iPhone.
  13. We Retract the camera in order to access and remove the two screws that secure the ear speaker assembly.
  14. We Remove the ear speaker by lifting it up.
  15. We Remove the proximity sensor by gently pulling it up while wiggling it slightly.
  16. We Find the touch ID assembly situated at the lower end of the display surface.
  17. We Use a tri-point screwdriver to loosen and remove the four screws that secure the bracket in place.
  18. Carefully remove the bracket from its position after loosening the four tri-point screws.”
  19. We Carefully wiggle the touch ID component to slide it out from the front and remove it.
  20. To proceed, use a tri-point screwdriver to remove six screws and take off the LCD back-plate.
  21. With a spudger or wedging tool, We lift the LCD back-plate upwards to uncover the cable strip that is attached to it.
  22. After releasing the LCD back-plate from the cable, it should detach effortlessly.
  23. We Dispose of your old and faulty LCD, and install the new screen by folding down the cables and aligning the side mounts. Then, We secure the screen in place by unscrewing the 6 screws.
  24. At the end Proceed with the reverse sequence of steps to reassemble the phone.

iPhone 7 Screen Replacement

Now you Can Scroll up your iPhone.

To avoid inevitable screen damage, We Provide a Free High Quality Screen Guard as Compliment.
always you Should consider Buying iPhone cases and screen protectors for your iPhone to avoid Screen Damages and costly repairs,

Screen Guard:

Always Use Super D, Or Original 11D Tempered Glass for your iPhone 7 Screen Protection. And never use Non-breakable Screen Protector. Because These types of Screen Protector never Protect Your iPhone Screen. (Please Call for More Details about Screen Protector.)

Phone Cases:

Phone Cases Should be Best Idea to Protect Your iPhone. Choose Wisely.

As the screen of your iPhone 7 serves as the primary interface of the device, it is susceptible to getting smudged and dirty from frequent use. When cleaning the screen, refrain from using any chemical cleaning solvents. Instead, utilize a clean, lint-free, and scratch-resistant cloth, like microfiber with mint Cream/Gel, gently wipe the screen with even strokes, being careful not to wet the screen excessively.

If you are experiencing any other issues with your iPhone, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to help you troubleshoot any problems you may be facing. Punit Telecom iPhone Repair in Noida is available to provide assistance. You can visit our website at punittelecom.com to schedule a same-day appointment.

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