iPhone6 speed

Quick Ways to improve iPhone6 speed

Do you feel your iPhone6 Speed is slow? Sometimes when we do not allow our device to rest or use too much storage, the device performance gets slow. Moreover, many apps from unauthorized sites can lead to viruses in your phone that might slow your device’s performance. But if you perform some quick tips and tricks, you can improve your iPhone 6 Speed.

These are some basic issues that can slow your process. But there can be issues that are required to be fixed under professional care. Before approaching anyone, you can use some quick fixes to improve speed.

iPhone6 speed

Here is the list of tricks to Increase iPhone6 Speed

you can follow:

Change motion settings:
Your screen effects or brightness might look good but can consume processing overhead. So, you can speed up by reducing them or turning them off once in a while. Follow these steps:

  • Go to Accessibility in settings and select display & text size. Turn on reduce transparency.
  • Go to accessibility in settings and select motion settings. Click on reduce motion.


Neutralize your notifications: The notifications take a lot of processing overhead and cache. Moreover, they make your phone messy and unorganized. You can improve your iPhone6 speed by managing your notifications such as:

Stop notifications from apps that you do not use every day and that is not required for urgent notifications.

  • Slightly less important apps should know to have badge notifications on the lock screen.
  • Use only urgent or high-priority apps for notifications on the home and lock screen.
  • Disable location services for all apps, use only for apps you use frequently.

Use do not disturb mode
: When you are doing a task for some hours and do not need a distraction, use does not disturb mode. It will give much-needed rest to your device and will not heat up the device due to too much usage.


Uninstall unused apps: This is not something new but needs to be remembered every time. Uninstall apps on your iPhone that is not in use, they are only taking up space and slow down your iPhone6 Speed.


Update iOS: One of the major reasons your iPhone6 Speed is Slow working to its full potential might be due to an outdated version. Check for software updates and install a new update to optimize speed. Go to Settings 》 General 》Software update.


Turn off automatic downloads: Not all downloads or updates are effective. Moreover, you do not need updates for all apps, if you use some apps monthly or less frequently, you don’t need frequent updates. Turn off automatic updates by steps

Settings 》 app store 》 automatic downloads》 Turn off app updates.
This Trick Might Help you to increase your iPhone 6 Speed.

Delete old files: Check your iPhone storage once in a while and delete photos, files, and videos that are no more required. If there are duplicates, you need to delete them. It will give optimization to your storage and ultimately your phone. Go to settings》 general 》iPhone storage. Check what is taking up the maximum storage and delete data that you do not need.

To wrap up: These are some of the tips and tricks that you need to implement to optimize your iPhone. It will give some breathing to your iPhone storage and processing and will run better. However, if you are not able to change your iPhone speed despite low storage and implementing these tips, consult our experts. We will help you repair your iPhone and provide you with the necessary guidance.


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