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PUNIT TELECOM provides iPhone repair services that utilize trusted Apple parts, diagnostic software, and tools for identifying and resolving iPhone error problems. With nine years of experience in the industry, We have established procedures that guarantee safe and long-lasting iPhone repairs. Customers are encouraged to consult with Our iPhone expert regarding any issues with their device.

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Why Punit Telecom For iPhone Repair?

Common iPhone Problem We Repair

Screen Replacement

Cracked iPhone Screen

Maximum Time 60 Minutes

If you have a cracked or damaged screen on your iPhone and require a quick fix, do not worry. PUNIT TELECOM provides an effortless and prompt iPhone screen repair service. The repair process is typically completed within an hour, and the cost is reasonable. You can wait at the store or drop off your phone and receive it back within a few minutes.

Audio and Mic Problem

Speaker not Working

Maximum Time 30 Minutes

In case your iPhone’s speaker is producing unclear or no sound, you might require repairs or replacement of the speaker. Our team of professionals is trustworthy and can effectively address any audio problem your iPhone may be experiencing.

Water Damage

Water Damage

Maximum Time 2 Hours

Our service for cleaning iPhones is specifically aimed at addressing any water damage that may be present and preventing any further damages. Our experts will perform a thorough diagnostic, remove any debris from the device, and test it to ensure its proper functioning.

No Service or No Signal

Maximum Time 3-4 Hours

If you’re experiencing weak or no signal, no SIM or no service on your iPhone, PUNIT TELECOM can assist you. Our team of skilled professionals can help fix damage caused by issues such as water damage, SIM card issues, and internal IC damage. We offer a range of repair services to ensure that your signal is restored.

Camera Repair

Camera Error

Maximum Time 30 Minutes

Don’t panic If your iPhone camera is not working or has suffered accidental damage- give us a call. if the picture quality starts to deteriorate and we will fix it for you. Our iPhone Expert at our Noida iPhone repair shop is aligned with your needs of experiencing an unpolluted camera performance. After fixing the Camera problem, you can enjoy the stellar feature of clicking pictures without any limitations.

Charging Problem Repair

Water Damage

Maximum Time 60 Minutes

We can help you fix the charging port on your iPhone and get it up and running quickly. There are a lot of factors that can affect this, but one of the most common is a blocked or dirty port. The more time goes by without repairing it, the more likely this issue will become worse. Repair it today.

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