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iPhone 11 Pro battery Price

What is the cost of an iPhone 11 Pro battery replacement in India

What is the cost of an iPhone 11 Pro battery replacement in India? The Apple iPhone 11 Pro Battery Replacement Price is Rs.1800, and it comes with a 6-month guarantee. We are committed to transparency in pricing. Our repair and component replacement rates are accessible on our website and the charges indicated are inclusive of service and installation charges. There are no other concealed charges whatsoever. How it Works for battery replacement? When you make an order, one of our customer service representatives contacts you to verify your availability and other details for the service and then assigns an expert to your device repair. The technician will arrive at your preferred location and time to start the repair process. Our technicians have plenty of experience and have been trained by the best to ensure your device is in safe hands. We provide the quickest repair service at your house, workplace, or any area nearby. Battery Quality Punit guarantees the highest caliber of spare parts after undergoing a rigorous assessment. The parts are also designed to work optimally. Plus, we offer a warranty for any replacements we make. At Punit, we guarantee that all spare parts we use have been tested and graded for quality assurance. Not only that, but these parts are also of the best functionality and sensitivity. Additionally, we provide a post-repair warranty for all parts we replace. Where to Replace iPhone 11 Pro Original battery? Punit Telecom is the premier choice for iPhone 11 battery replacement because we prioritize three essential aspects for optimal repair: the right tools, the correct method, and the experience of our technicians. With our 9 years of experience in the field, we have refined our proficiency to provide top-notch repair services for any repair requirement you may have. You can rely on us to deliver the best possible repair service, using proper tools, technique, and a team of highly competent technicians. Taking this into consideration, Punit Telecom is the optimal choice for replacing the battery of your iPhone 11 Pro. Punit Telecom offers an additional advantage when it comes to replacing your iPhone’s battery. When you choose Punit Telecom for iPhone 11 battery replacement, you can be confident that our certified technicians can take care of the mandatory BMS board replacement. This is a vital part of the process and, if overlooked, can lead to an important battery message appearing on your device. Our professionals are chip level experts, so you can rest assured that your iPhone 11 is in good hands and you won’t have to stress about any important battery message. Warranty Information: Quality is always our number one priority. Our batteries are 100% authentic and come with a 6-month warranty. Should you experience any issues with your device’s battery, for example, improper charging, rapid battery depletion, or other battery draining issues, don’t hesitate to contact us at 7042103800. We are committed to resolving your battery issue fee as soon as possible and provide same-day service for your convenience. iPhone Expert’s Advice: here are the Most Important Points to maintain for your batteries Long Lasting health. According to iPhone experts, here are the essential steps to promote long-term battery performance. Here is the iPhone Expert’s advice on how to keep your battery in good condition. (Must Read) Never Charge Your iPhone from Laptop, Power bank or any other Charging Adaptor. Never Use Cheap, or Local Lightening Cable. Use Genuine Power Adaptor and lightening Cable. It is recommended to ensure that your iPhone’s battery always has a charge between 20% to 80%. Doing this regularly your battery will remain in good health. iPhone users must clean their iPhone charging port with a soft dry brush on a monthly basis in order to prevent charging issues that may be caused by dust accumulation. If your iPhone is exposed to liquid, try to dry the charging port before using it. If not, the lingering moisture may cause debris to accumulate in the port and eventually damage it, leading to a failure to charge the battery. Replace your Battery Now.

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iPhone X Battery Draining Problem Fixed.

iPhone X Battery Draining Problem Fixed.

iPhone X Battery Draining Problem Fixed. The customer came to us with his iPhone X motherboard, stating that the iPhone X battery is draining rapidly with an overheating issue. Here is the complete process for solving the iPhone X battery draining and overheating problem by Punit Telecom. Fast battery drainage is typically caused by battery degradation or motherboard current leakage. Even after replacing the battery, it is observed that the battery continues to drain quickly, leading to the inference that the problem is caused by motherboard current leakage. Identifying iPhone X Power Supply Issues: Next, we test the current of the iPhone X by powering up the motherboard with a DC power supply machine. We found that there is a small amount of current leaking in the motherboard, approximately 186mA. If the motherboard shows current leakage after being powered up, we can measure the power supply circuits to identify the faulty part. Identifying Issues with PP BATT VCC and PP VDD Main on iPhone X Motherboard: First, we measure PP BATT VCC and confirm that the resistance value is normal. Next, we proceed to measure PP VDD Main. The resistance value of 29 is relatively low, indicating a damaged component on PP VDD Main. Since the current is low, the rosin detector is unable to locate the faulty part. Therefore, we need to use a thermal imager to identify the faulty component. Power up the PP VDD Main line on the motherboard. The temperature did not change noticeably, which means the problem is not on the outside of the motherboard. Next, we will disassemble the motherboard for further testing. Separation Process: Safely Disconnecting iPhone X Logic Board from Signal Board: Then, put the motherboard on a heating machine to warm it up for separating the two boards. Wait until the temperature reaches 165°C, then disconnect the logic board from the signal board. Logic Board Diagnosis and Repair Thermal Imaging for PP VDD Main: After the motherboard cools down, start by measuring the PP VDD Main of the logic board. The resistance value is normal when measuring the PP VDD Main of the signal board. However, if the resistance value is abnormal, we can confirm that the faulty part is on the signal board. Open the bitmap to confirm the position of PP VDD Main. Use the thermal imager tool to consistently monitor the signal board. Despite no obvious change in temperature, the bitmap reveals that PP VDD Main is also present under the card reader. The faulty part is likely hidden beneath the card reader. Next, use the thermal imager to check the back of the signal board. Notice a significant increase in temperature at the top left corner of the card reader, indicating a fault in that area. The next step is to remove the card reader. Put some paste flux on the card reader’s bonding pad. To safeguard the plastic part, use low-temperature solder paste to control the bonding pad temperature. Then, heat the card reader with a hot air gun set at 340 °C. Try to lift the card reader gently using a pry blade and apply heat at the same time. When the card reader loosens, carefully take it out. Continuously monitor the card reader area with the thermal imager for any temperature fluctuations. A significant change in temperature has been detected in this area. Based on the thermal image, the component that is heating up is the GSM module. Therefore, proceed with replacing the GSM module. Apply some paste flux, then remove the GSM with a vertical hot air gun set at 340 °C. Next, apply some paste flux and middle-temperature solder paste to the bonding pad to lower its temperature. Clean the bonding pad with a hot air gun and solder wick, then clean it with PCB cleaner. Next, measure the resistance value of PP VDD Main. The resistance value has returned to normal. Proceed to install a known-good GSM. Put paste flux on the GSM and position it. Use a vertical hot air gun at 320°C to solder it. After soldering, check the resistance value with a multimeter to ensure it is normal. Apply a small amount of low-temperature solder paste to the bonding pad of the card reader. Clean the bonding pad using a hot air gun and solder wick. After that, use a soldering iron and solder wick to clean the back bonding pad. Finally, clean the area with PCB cleaner. You will notice that the pins are now clean. Next, install the card reader by placing it in position and soldering the back bonding pad to secure it with the soldering iron. Use a solder wick to flatten any excess tin, and be careful not to remove the tin while dragging the solder wick. Finally, clean the bonding pad with PCB cleaner. Next, assemble the motherboard. Place the signal board on a heating platform set at 165 °C. Put paste flux on the bonding pad. Line up the logic board with the signal board. Once the temperature hits 165 °C, remove the motherboard. To ensure a good fit, gently press both sides of the motherboard with tweezers. iPhone X Battery Draining Issue Fixed Now, turn on the motherboard to test it. The current is fine. Connect the screen for testing, and the boot current is also normal. The issue with current leakage has been resolved. Congratulations! Your iPhone X Battery Draining Problem is Solved. Revive Your iPhone Today! Contact Punit Telecom for Expert Motherboard Repairs.   This Article is answer for Below this Questions. What is the solution of iPhone X Battery Draining and overheating? Why is my iPhone X battery draining so fast? Why is my iPhone X not holding a charge? Why does my iPhone lose so much battery even when I’m not using it? Why My iPhone battery drains in minutes? Why My iPhone x battery health 100% but drain fast?

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5 Easy Steps to Fix Muffled iPhone 12 Speakers

5 Easy Steps to Fix a Muffled or Non-Working Speaker on Your iPhone 12 Series

5 Easy Steps to Fix a Muffled or Non-Working Speaker on Your iPhone 12 Series. If you’re an iPhone 12 user, you may have experienced a muffled or non-working speaker at some point. It’s a frustrating issue that can leave you feeling disconnected from your device and unable to enjoy your favorite music, videos, or podcasts. However, the good news is that fixing this problem is easier than you might think. In this article, we’ll outline five simple steps you can take to troubleshoot and resolve a muffled or non-working speaker on your iPhone 12. Whether you’re dealing with a hardware or software issue, our step-by-step guide will help you get your speaker back up and running in no time. So, let’s get started and get your iPhone 12 sounding as good as new! Step 1: Check the volume and mute settings. The first step in fixing a muffled or non-working speaker on your iPhone 12 is to check the volume and mute settings. Sometimes, the volume may be turned down or muted, causing the speaker to appear as if it’s not working. To check the volume, simply press the volume up button on the side of your iPhone 12 until the volume is at a comfortable level. You should also check to see if your iPhone 12 is on silent mode, which can be indicated by a small orange or red icon on the screen. If your iPhone 12 is on silent mode, simply switch it off by toggling the switch on the side of your device. If your volume and mute settings are fine, move on to the next step. Step 2: Remove any debris or dirt from the speaker. Another common reason for a muffled or non-working speaker on your iPhone 12 is the accumulation of dirt or debris in the speaker grill. Over time, dust, dirt, and other particles can accumulate in the small holes on the bottom of your iPhone 12, making it difficult for sound to come out. To fix this issue, you need to clean the speaker. To clean the speaker, first, turn off your device to prevent any damage. Next, use a soft-bristled brush or a toothbrush to gently remove any debris or dirt from the speaker grill. Be careful not to push the debris further into the speaker or scratch the speaker grill. If you don’t have a brush, you can also use compressed air to blow out any debris or dirt. Hold your iPhone at an angle and aim the nozzle of the compressed air canister at the speaker grill. Be careful not to hold the canister too close to the speaker or use too much pressure, as this can cause damage to your device. Once you’ve cleaned the speaker, turn your iPhone back on and check if the speaker is working correctly. If the speaker is still not working properly, move on to the next step. Step 3: Restart your iPhone 12 Sometimes, a simple restart can fix a muffled or non-working speaker on your iPhone 12. To restart your device, simply press and hold the power button until the “slide to power off” option appears on the screen. Swipe the slider to turn off your device, and then wait a few seconds before pressing the power button again to turn it back on. Once your iPhone 12 has restarted, check to see if the speaker is working properly. If restarting your device did not fix the issue, move on to the next step. Step 4: Update your iPhone 12. If your iPhone 12 is not running the latest version of iOS, it may be causing issues with the speaker. To update your device, go to Settings > General > Software Update. If an update is available, follow the on-screen instructions to download and install it. Once the update is complete, check to see if the speaker is working properly. If updating your device did not fix the issue, move on to the final step. Step 5: Contact Punit Telecom iPhone Support for repair your iPhone 12 Speaker. If you have tried all the steps outlined in this article and your iPhone 12 speaker is still not working properly, it may be time to contact Punit Telecom iPhone Support. Our team of experts can diagnose and repair any hardware issues with your device, including issues with the speaker. Contact us to schedule a repair appointment or to learn more about our iPhone 12 repair services. Additional tips to prevent future speaker issues. To prevent future speaker issues on your iPhone 12, it’s essential to keep your device clean and up to date. Regularly clean the speaker grill with a soft-bristled brush and compressed air to prevent dust and debris from accumulating. Additionally, keep your device updated with the latest version of iOS to ensure that any software issues are resolved quickly. Conclusion In conclusion, a muffled or non-working speaker on your iPhone 12 is a frustrating issue, but it can be resolved with these five easy steps. By checking the volume and mute settings, removing any debris or dirt from the speaker grill, restarting your device, updating your iOS, or contacting Punit Telecom iPhone Support, you can get your device sounding as good as new. Remember to keep your device clean and up to date to prevent future speaker issues. If you want to talk to iPhone Export Call on 7042103800

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How to fix Error 9?

How to fix Error 9?

How to fix Error 9? (Step By Step Process) Apple frequently rolls out iOS updates for the iPhone. Recently Apple rolled out a new iOS update and many people were finding it difficult to upgrade their iOS. Most people faced error 9 on iPhones, what is error 9 and why you’re facing this issue and how can you fix it; if you are having similar questions this kind of will help you. You might have received the notification that your iPhone or iTunes has a new update for you, so you decided to upgrade your iPhone. Many iOS device users faced an error 9 issue. Though, it’s better to contact a professional such as Punit telecom, (what Makes Punit Telecom Best) for the best iPhone repair. If you are living in Noida, all you need to do is search for iPhone repair near me and you will find Punit telecom in Noida, or you can type directly Punit Telecom. However, if you want a quick fix, you can check these.   Let’s find out about error 9.   What exactly is error 9? Error 9 is an updating issue that occurs when you are updating an iPhone via iTunes. So, we cannot get to the bottom of what exactly is the error or what is the code issue, but you can understand that when it comes to updating your iOS if you are facing error 9 it means your device will be useless for a few hours or lifetime until you cannot fix it. For an instant iPhone error 9 solution, follow these steps. Understand: Why does error 9 on iPhone or iTunes occur?  Error 9 iPhone via iTunes occurred due to the following reasons: Your cable or USB port is damaged. You have corrupt network settings. Your security software is preventing the access to Apple Server You have jailbroken your iPhone You have damaged the motherboard of your iPhone. What are the ways to fix iPhone 9 errors? Fear Facing iPhone 9 Error These are some of the basics that you can try to fix: Reboot the system: this might be untreated, but it is one of the best options you can do to fix your iPhone instantly. Reboot and restart your iPhone. You might see many changes that might be frustrating, but it will be worth it as you can fix your problem. Put your iPhone in recovery mode: to put your iPhone 8, 8 plus, or x in recovery, you need to follow these steps: You need to press & release the volume up button followed by the volume down button. Press and hold the side button until you connect your screen to iTunes or the Apple logo appears. Once you see the Apple logo on the screen your iPhone is in recovery mode It will update and restore so you can install iOS. Try to update again: if your iPhone or iOS device is disconnected during the update or restore you will be receiving a message ” the iPhone could not be stored, and an unknown error occurred (9). ” if you receive this message on your iPhone screen while updating, follow these steps for a quick fix: Make sure that your Mac has the latest version of Mac OS or iTunes. Force restart your device: For iPhone 8, X, XS, XR, XS Max, 11,11Pro, or modern users: press and release the volume up button followed by volume down press and hold the side button till you see the Apple logo. For iPhone 7 users: present holds both side buttons or the top button and the volume button together until you see the Apple logo. Now connect the device to the computer or Mac using a USB cable. Find your device on the computer. You will see two options- one is to update or restore. Click on update not on restore to reinstall the software and keep your personal data intact. You can implement these above-mentioned steps to fix your iPhone for error 9. If even after following these steps, you are still getting error 9 it is better if you contact a professional. Dealing or playing with error 9 can cause you to lose your crucial data. An export can help you restore your phone instantly or fix it with the previous version. We at Punit telecom, the best iPhone repair in Noida can help you fix your iPhone effectively. Our experts understand different types of errors, we will ensure you get your iPhone back safely with data.

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4 Steps to Solve your iPhone Charging Problem on your own.

4 Simple Steps Solution to Fix Your iPhone Charging Problem on your own.

4 Simple Steps Solution to Fix Your iPhone Charging Problem on your own. The Apple iPhone is one of the most popular phones in the market. It has a beautiful design, a fantastic camera and one of the best displays. However, there is one problem with this device that often frustrates users – it doesn’t charge well. There are many reasons why your phone might not be charging as fast as it should. One of them is because you have too many apps running in the background that are consuming battery power and preventing your phone from charging. Another reason might be that you have a case on your phone which prevents the charger from connecting to it properly, or there could be dust or debris on your charging port blocking it from connecting to the charger correctly. Identifying the problem: There are many reasons for the damage to your iPhone Charging. It can be because of water, any kind of liquid, or some other reason. Don’t Worry, you can fix the Problem in 2 Ways. The first is the External way. The second is the internal way. In an External way you need to follow the below 4 steps and after following these steps problem still occurs then you need to follow step two. you might need an Apple expert and a good Service Centre to handle extensive damage to your iPhone. But before you go to a Service Centre, Follow the External Way the first one. in this method you can fix the Charging Problem on your own. these steps might help. Step No.1 Check Battery Health: One of the most important features of an iPhone is its battery life. Battery health is a vital component to ensure that your phone will be able to last you throughout the day. As with any other device, there are many ways to check your battery’s health. A good way to start checking your battery’s health is by looking at the time it takes for your phone to charge. If it takes longer than usual, then you may have a problem with your battery. Another way is by looking at how much power you have left on your device. This can be done by clicking on the “Battery” icon at the bottom right of your screen and then scrolling down and looking at the percentage next to “Battery”. If this percentage is below 50% or if it has been below 50%   Step No.2 Check the Lightning Cable or Adaptor: Did you check your iPhone’s lightning cable or adaptor? you know that you could be using the wrong lightning cable or adaptor for your iPhone? If so, then it might be time to update. Incorrect cables or adapters can cause serious damage to your device which is why you need to make sure that yours are compatible. Based on our diagnosis, it seems like your lightning cable or power adaptor is damaged or cracked from the inside. That was a wise choice for you because upgrading to a new lightning cable or power adaptor will only cost you money in this case. Step No.3 Check Back Cover issue: Some cases are designed to protect your phone. But they can also block the lightning cable or adapter. That is why you should be mindful of that and make sure that it doesn’t happen. If it does, remove the case before charging your phone. Step No.4 The charging port becomes loose Due to dust: The charging port becomes loose Due to dust is a problem that affects a lot of people. This is because the charging port is usually not covered by the case and it’s easy for dust to get inside. There are many reasons for this issue, but one of the most common causes is that people often use their iPhones while they are charging them. This can lead to the accumulation of dirt and other debris in the charging port, which will eventually cause it to become loose. This is a common issue that many iPhone users have faced. The charging port becomes loose due to dust and it no longer charges the phone. Fixing this issue is a bit tricky as you need to take the phone apart and clean it thoroughly. You can use compressed air or a vacuum cleaner to get rid of the dust from inside the charging port. You can also try spraying some alcohol on a cotton swab, paper towel or Brush and wiping out any dust particles that are stuck in there. If you’re having iPhone troubles and can’t fix them on your own, then it’s time to Follow the Internal Way the Second Method and find the nearest iPhone expert to you in Noida, Delhi, Greater Noida  and Ghaziabad. We offer all sorts of services including repairs. Give us a call or visit our website to get in We are your trusted source for all iPhone repair services. We specialize in repairs, replacements and upgrades. Our expert technicians will diagnose and fix any issue you might be having with your iPhone. Call us today to get a free estimate or visit our website to book an appointment online. Call Now  70421 03800

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